Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beauty Secret #4: 7-Day Raw-Food Weight Loss Cleanse!

Even thought they call this the 7-day weight loss plan, I have been taking these supplements and eating mostly raw food for over 2 months now and I continue to shrink. It truly is my secret.

This 7-day weight-loss plan works best while eating 100% raw-foods for 3 meals each day, 7-days in a row. In addition to raw-plant-food, during the 7-day plan, only enzymes, probiotics, Sun is Shining Superfood orPure Synergy, and water (with MSM powder) are included in the diet.

Daily Supplement Intake for the 7-day Weight-Loss Cleanse.

Enzymes - 1 to 3 with meals, 1 - 2 between meals, and 1-2 at around 3 am (if you can get up at that time).
Probiotics - 1 -2 between meals, and 1-3 at bedtime.
MSM - add one teaspoon of MSM crystals (powder) to each liter of water you drink.
Sun is Shining Superfood or Pure Synergy - 3-6 tablespoons with coconut water or fruit smoothie in the morning. If possible, add 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil to this smoothie (to help speed up metabolism). The high mineral and protein content of these powdered superfoods helps to cleanse toxins without making you feel depleted or weak and helps to balance the sugar in fruit (essentially, these superfoods decrease sugar highs and lows).

Remember to start with a small dosage and increase slowly throughout the week. These supplements may be taken together when appropriate.

Also remember the two major food groups to limit and/or eliminate from the diet in order to lose weight are:

1. Cooked starches. This includes: baked potatoes, rice, beer, bread, pasta, corn chips, potato chips, etc. These foods have a high glycemic index (they contain a high amount of sugar - starch is turned into sugar when heated). If this sugar is not used by the body, it is converted into fat. Those who excessively eat these types of foods and do not exercise will accumulate layers of fat under the dermal surface in the form of cellulite.

2. Cooked fat. This includes: high-fat meats (bacon, hot dogs, etc), cooked oil, soy products, pasteurized dairy products, and roasted nuts. Cooked fat is very difficult for the body to metabolize because it is not miscible with water. Stores of undigested cooked fats are retained by the body in the form of flab and plaque deposits in the arteries. Stored fat becomes most noticeable as cellulite on the legs and tummy area.

Remember to drink twice as much water as normally recommended while cleansing. Take your total body weight and divide it by 4. This is the amount of water (in ounces) that you should normally drink a day. While cleansing you should double this number.

To see get more detailed information about this diet please purchase the Eating for Beauty book by David Wolfe.

*The Beauty Enzymes are currently out of stock until June 30th. Feel free to use other digestive enzymes until they are available. I highly recommend stocking up on them when they do come in, they are the best on the planet.

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for sharing this information. I have been contemplating integrating a Raw diet. Keep sharing your secrets! You look great and are a motivation to women like me!