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LiLash Review - A Solution For Thicker And Longer Eyelashes!

The Secret to Luscious Lashes and Beatutiful Brows

LiLash Review - A Solution For Thicker And Longer Eyelashes!

Finally, my search is over! That seems to me a strange way to begin, but it is truly the way I feel. Let me explain. If you're like me, you realize that a woman's appearance is very important. And the way other people perceive you effects the way you look at yourself.

Also, you know that the trends that are set today by all the fashion magazines are pretty hard to live up to. Being a life long sufferer of short, stubby, nearly invisible eyelashes have been a real trial for my self-esteem. It probably seems silly, but it's' true. Ever since I can remember I wanted to have those long, luminous lashes that I saw on models and stars everywhere. Unfortunately, heredity cursed me with my mother's lashes, which leave much to be desired.

Well, I was determined not to take this skimpy lash trait sitting down. First, I started the mascara era. Mascara, that clumpy, lumpy, sticky mass of goo that is supposed to transform me into a supermodel with 1/2-inch long lashes disappointingly, left me with only stubby black twigs on my eyes. In frustrated desperation, I graduated to the false phase, false eye lashes of course.

That seemed to be a good solution for a while, till my natural eyelashes began to grow sparse and finally fall out. To my utter horror I looked in the mirror one day and couldn't believe what I saw. I had gone from some lashes to practically none. To add to my misery, since using the false eyelash glue for some time, my eyelids had become extremely sensitive and even trying to apply the lashes was a daily trial. It went on like this for a while.

What else could I do? Beauty before brains right. Well, thanks to an insightful friend, I finally smartened up. Through the lashless grapevine I discovered a miracle product for sparse or damaged lashes. This wonder product is LiLash.

When I heard about LiLash it seemed too good to be true, but it is true. Within 2 weeks of applying LiLash to my eyelids as part of my nightly routine, I was astounded to discover beautiful little lashes popping right out of the recently vacated lash hair follicles!

Imagine my delight in LiLash. My lashes were growing back, and had never seemed so full and thick. Now in my fourth week of the LiLash Treatment, my lashes are almost 1/2 of an inch long!!! Watch out world. My lashes are thicker and stronger and still growing.

You see, LiLash is a Purified Eyelash Stimulator. It actually nourishes the lash follicles and stimulates lash growth, while at the same time, strengthening them. I was concerned about using LiLash on my lash glue damaged lids, because they had become so sensitive, but LiLash is a very gentle formula, and I didn't experience any discomfort at all. It was actually rather soothing when I applied it.

The LiLash product comes in a small tube accompanied with an applicator brush, which makes it easy to just brush on your lids. For the money you pay, LiLash lasts a long time. The LiLash product makers recommend one daily application of LiLash for four to six weeks and then two or three applications a week thereafter. With that regime, this heavenly little tube will last me for a long time to come.

I am so happy with LiLash. I would recommend it to anyone who has small, short or damaged lashes. I even ordered LiLash for my mom, who is now in her first week of treatment. LiLash has really improved my self-image, and I have already gotten loads of compliments from both men and women. LiLash really works. LiLash made the difference for me, and you know what? I don't think I'll ever have to worry about applying mascara again. Thank you soooo much LiLash!

To get more information on LiLash click here.

P.S. I heard somewhere that this might work on overly plucked eyebrows too!

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